Photo by Lou Abercrombie

Welcome to my web page! This is where you can find out all about the books that I write for children aged six to 14, get a bit of information on me (trust me, I’m fascinating) and where you can talk to me anytime you like.

So what do I do all day long? That’s what most people ask me. The truth is, as a writer, I spend all day long making up whopping lies that some times get turned into books. I was a compulsive liar as a child and it turned out to be a good job skill, so my parents should have praised me rather than punishing me when I told them my invisible friend burnt the garden shed down.

What do I like to write? Fantasy, really. Anything that makes the mundane and often boring world around us just a little bit more special. Or just that little bit more dangerous. I love the feeling of being scared, when my heart pounds and my legs feel hollow and light so I write scary fantasy. I collect gruesome stories. So gruesome, scary fantasy.  But I do like a bit of funny too. Funny, gruesome, scary fantasy just about sums up my first book, The Feral Child, which is the first of a trilogy.

Did I mention the pony books? They are not gruesome or scary but they are very funny. Click on the Mulberry page on the right to find out more.


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