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Che Golden
Photo by Lou Abercrombie

I have led a typical second-generation Irish life, spending most of my childhood shuttling backwards and forwards between London and Blarney, Co Cork, where my mother comes from. My father is a Scottish protestant, which starts some really good arguments in our house!

After graduating from Brunel University, I moved to Dublin where I worked in IT journalism, first as a senior reporter and then as publisher and editor of the ezine IT MONDAY. After ten years in this field I was feeling a little burned out and bored – I had always wanted to be a writer and I had a feeling that I had to just do it. It was now or never! So I moved to Bath, and enrolled in the Masters course in Creative Writing for Young People at the University. Soon after graduating in 2010, I was offered a contract by Quercus for my FERAL CHILD trilogy, which draws on Irish mythology and faerie tales.

Apart from writing, my other passion is horses, which I shares with my two young daughters. We own Robbie, a Highland Pony, Hildrud, an Icelandic horse, Narya, a Welsh cob x, Colin, a Welsh section A and Candy, a Gypsy cob.

The MEADOW VALE PONIES MULBERRY, is a series written by me for younger readers, and is published by OUP. The series focuses on the adventures of ponies and their riders at a local riding stable. I love to write fairy tales and animal stories.

9 thoughts on “About me!

  1. I love the book ‘The Feral Child’. It’s so enchanting! I just cannot stop reading it! And i cannot wait for ‘The Unicorn Hunter’ to come out! I will count the hours! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Lucy! Its always good to hear when someone likes your writing, it can be very lonely sometimes, sitting on my own at my desk and typing away. 🙂 If you live anywhere near Bath, Toppings book shop already have copies of The Unicorn Hunter for sale and they have been signed. I hope you enjoy it!

      1. Thank you for replying. I don’t live that far from Bath, but i will maybe go their a weekend and buy one. I would love it if you’re planning to write more books and maybe they will even become films! Thanks again! 😀

  2. Hi I am Violet and I am 8 years old. I just couldn’t help but say how heart warming your Mulberry books are. My favourite character is Apricot because he has a right gob on him and he makes me laugh. I love to ride aswell and I am dying to get a pony of my own one day. Please can you write another Mulberry book soon I just couldn’t put them down🐴

    1. Hello Violet, another person I have to apologise to, I am so sorry you have been waiting this long for a reply. I am glad you like Apricot so much, she is my favourite character as well! You may have to wait a long time for your pony -my parents couldn’t afford one and I had to wait until I was a grown up before I could get my first – now we have four! I was very naughty when I bought my first pony, I actually used the money my mum had given me for a wedding dress to buy her! My mum was very annoyed but she forgave me when she met my pony. I would love to write more Mulberry books. I think I would like to do one based around Halloween and the ponies going too far when they are trick or treating, but we shall see what happens!

  3. Hello Che
    I am a massive fan! I was wondering if you could answer the following?

    Q) Where do you get your inspiration from?
    Q) What do you love most about you job?
    Thank you so much!

    The BookWorms

    1. Hello Bookwormsengland! I am so sorry it has taken me this long to reply to you, I PROMISE I am going to be much better about talking to people from now on. It’s hard to tell where I can my inspiration from sometimes. Someone will tell me a story and I think, “That would make a great book!” and it goes from there. But a lot of the time little bits and pieces floating around my brain all come together and turn into an idea. Are you a Percy Jackson fan? If you have watched Sea Of Monsters, it is like that scene where they are resurrecting Lord Kronos and all those floating, flying pieces come together to form a whole and a light bulb goes off over my head. The idea can sometimes be easy but the PLOT can be very hard! Some ideas only turn into very small stories as they don’t see to go very far. Some stories just get bigger and bigger the more I write them. What do I love most about my job? I don’t have to go out on cold wet mornings to catch a train or a bus, I don’t have to get dressed if I don’t want to and I can sit in a corner with a book and read and tell everyone who tries to make me stop that, “I am WORKING, do you MIND?!”

  4. My 7 year old daughter has just read the first three Mulberry books back to back. She loves them! Also learning to ride at the moment so I am sure she sees a lot of similarities in the ponies and their temperaments. She has asked me to ask whether you have any more mulberry books in the pipeline as she ‘loves them so much’!!!

    1. Hello Leigh,

      Thank you so much for writing in and I am really glad your little girl like the Mulberry books so much. I do have some ideas for a further series, one involves pony racing and another a horse who is terrified of being indoors but has a job to with Riding for the Disabled. I am hoping to get them published but for now I am concentrating on writing a dog spy story called The Billion Dollar Dog and I am talking to my publishers about doing a farm yard story. This will involve lots of animals so hopefully your daughter will find something to enjoy!

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