When supernovas burn out

Lately it seems the news is full of obituaries, another great artist gone. A whole generation is passing, a generation whose music, writing and painting has a huge influence on me, and often provides the soundtrack to my life. But the two people I have really cried over have been Terry Pratchett and David Bowie. … More When supernovas burn out

Dressing up!

I love Halloween. I love it for all sorts of reasons, the chocolate, the scary movies, the Irish stew and the barm brack cake we make at home. But mostly I love it because it is the one time of year I can dress up in something completely daft and walk around the road in … More Dressing up!

The Next Big Thing

I was tagged to be a part of this meme by the lovely Rachel Ward, whose own version appeared last Wednesday. It’s an opportunity to talk about a work in progress and I really would encourage anyone reading this to follow the tags. There are some amazing writers working in children’s literature today and a … More The Next Big Thing