Dressing up!

I love Halloween. I love it for all sorts of reasons, the chocolate, the scary movies, the Irish stew and the barm brack cake we make at home. But mostly I love it because it is the one time of year I can dress up in something completely daft and walk around the road in it. I don’t often do scary, though, what I really love are historical costumes. Why be a vampire or a witch when you can channel Anne Boleyn or Marie Antoinette? This year I got to wear something gorgeous, this beautiful medieval style jacket.  There is something about dressing up that makes me feel all giddy and excited. I suppose I get to feel the way actors feel for one night of the year. Instead of writing a character, I have to ACT like one and wearing historical clothing forces you to move in a different way than you would do when wearing jeans and trainers. But I love it and I can’t wait to dress up in a Georgian gown next year!coat 1coat 2


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